Bild av butiken på Bruksgatan 15 i Helsingborg

Nothing is like the other at Karla konsthantverk

Welcome to the most unique shop in Helsingborg!

Here you will find genuine things, handcrafted workmanship in many different materials and techniques. You will find over 30 artisans and designers with their personal expression; playful, sparkling and rustic. The range varies over time and there are always new things to discover.

Small traces of the hand is our sign of quality. Thumbprint and irregularities that arise during throwing, when carved and/or shaped by hand. Things made by hand are great rays of sunshine; the mug rests comfortably in the hand, the necklace is wonderful and the candlestick lasts forever.

Swedish and personal craft should be used every day all year round. Craft is a good choice for the environment because it is locally produced and unique. Many of the artisans are also working with recycling in various forms.

Here is the hustle and bustle, crafters looking in, stocking up and some days you'll meet some of them at checkout.

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