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Nyhetsbild av Maria Liliegren
Maria Liliegren

New in the shop is tea cups and bowls by Maria Liliegren. She is a potters from Ystad adorning her creations with flowers, angels, butterflies and more. Maria’s watchword is joy and playfulness, feelings that her lovely pottery really conveys. Learn more about Maria Liliegren

Nyhetsbild av Louise Håkansson
”Grått och blandat”

Louise Håkansson is a girl training to be a florist but who also likes concrete. An easily worked material may seem, but that requires a lot of patience and attention to get the right finish. Louise manufactures jewelery, lanterns and wine glasses with concrete base, decorated and personalized. Come and pick out your favorites. Learn more about Louise Håkansson

Nyhetsbild av Jola Glimäng
Warming beautiful cardigans

“Binge” knitting from Halland inspired Jola Glimäng to these patterns. Jola took up five old patterns and put them together with a stripe in between. The material is a new sleek merino wool yarn from Austria. Ponchos, new hats and scarves from Jola Design are now also available in the store. Learn more about Jola Glimäng

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