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Nyhetsbild av Cecilia Davidsson Berg
Retrofrun and bollFrans

Now we say warm welcome to Retrofrun and bollFrans abd their lovely, funny lamps that makes you happy.

Retrofrun makes unique products in upcycled design. Old things get a new function in a way you never seen before.. Great-grandmother's coffee pot, a single saucer or a forgotten figurine - all deserve actually a better fate than to stand in the wings. At Retrofrun, they get a new life in the spotlight. All lamps are unique and signed and there is only one copy. Learn more about Cecilia Davidsson Berg

Nyhetsbild av Sara Lindström
Retrofrun and bollFrans

bollFrans sew beautiful lampshades to Retrofrun’s lamps of fabrics like Stig Lindberg's "Circus". bollFrans also sew wonderful ceiling lamps with ball fringe of course. The key words are: recycling and sustainability. Originality and quality. Playfulness and humor. Design that is timeless and a little unexpected. Learn more about Sara Lindström

Nyhetsbild av
Studio Cleanup

Saturday, September 10th, at 11-16, you are welcome to our store which is then filled with handmade things at bargain prices. This is a unique opportunity to find products that for various reasons have not yet found their proper owners.

We have extended opening hours to 16 pm to make sure you allow time but NB there is only one day.

Nyhetsbild av
Hand-woven carpets

We welcome Christina Andersson to the shop, who is weaving beautiful rugs and some other things, such as kitchen towels and tablets.

Imagine being able to put out a really beautiful hand-woven rug on the floor, soft and comfortable to put your feet on.

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