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Nyhetsbild av Ninna Mandin
New silversmith

Ninna Mandin, silversmith, whose jewelry is not always flattering and accessible but something that enhances the wearer's personality. Ninna often combine silver with other materials such as resin and pearls. Learn more about Ninna Mandin

Nyhetsbild av Berit Tuvesson
Window exhibition

Exhibitor of the month in our window is Berit Tuvesson, Billinge Krukmakeri (pottery). Berit takes the opportunity to introduce a new colour for her products, a very nice dark turquoise colour that fits perfectly to her otherwise white goods. Bowls, pots and dishes also have a new beautiful decor with loops complementing the previous dots. Learn more about Berit Tuvesson

Nyhetsbild av Eva Nilsson
Sculptures in stoneware

Eva Nilsson is an artist with roots in northern Sweden, she was educated at Konstfack in Stockholm, ceramics and glass. We show her sensitive and delicate studies of women in stoneware. Learn more about Eva Nilsson

Nyhetsbild av Kim Andersson
Pearl embroidery

To our great joy is Kim Andersson back in the store with her beautiful and very well-made jewelry. Kim works mainly in pearl embroidery and soutache in combination with a variety of other embroidery techniques and weavings. Kim is completely self-taught, and constantly exploring both techniques and different materials driven by her curiosity. Learn more about Kim Andersson

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