Åsa Canbäck

Sculptures in mixed technique

Portrait of Åsa Canbäck, Sculptures in mixed technique
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I make sculptures in a self-developed technique. The figures are built from the inside out. Inside there is a skeleton of steel wire forming viability. On the outside thin handmade mulberry paper is being applied on a painted surface which gives an optical depth.

My animals are usually in motion, on the road. What are common for everyone whether it is dragons or horses is a personal expression and dynamics and power. My dragons are given their own name in order to emphasize the uniqueness. It started with dragons, but horses have in recent years taken an increasingly large place. Sometimes in combination with a man on his back. Since I do not engage in horses myself it becomes more symbolic of what the horse as a being mean to me: the strength to act, belief in the future and beauty. From time to time I work with special orders with reproducing horses after photos.

I am self-taught, but have always "been doing" and with great curiosity tested all materials. Painting and drawing has followed me since childhood, but to work in three dimensions is more fun. My figures are something in between painting and sculpture, I have sometimes thought, since I work with colours and shadings on the three-dimensional surface.

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