Åsas tomtebod

Wool goblins

Portrait of Åsas tomtebod, Wool goblins
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The history of Tomteboden.

Perhaps it all started with our move out to the country in 1984.

Living on the country side you must have animals.

Somewhere I read that you could get paid well for the wool of angora rabbits. So I bought a number of them, and rabbits multiply easily. There were many.Like the scratches on my arms. Rabbits' wool would be cut by hand. And the rabbits and I did not always agree on how things should be done. However, I did not become rich. For many had apparently had the same idea as I.

Prices fell. It was soon no sense to sell the wool. But wool I had. And I spun and dyed and created patterns. And I had had a taste of this by working with wool. At school I had learned felting. It was when I worked as a music teacher and helped out at a themed day, with just felting. I got rid of the angora rabbits, and bought sheep wool and started to felt instead. I made same gnomes for a Christmas market in Gislaved. To my great surprise, people bought them! This could perhaps be something? Selling self-produced stuff? But no one could live on it, could they?

Around the countryside many products where made. Some manufacturers, I had contact with, others I contacted. And so I decided to open a small business. We built a small shed for the gnomes (tomtebod). The small shop was decent. Not more. No income to speak of, it was no question. But my own products requested more and more. There were jackets, boots, goblins, witches and so gnomes. Could it even be that there may be an interested also outside the immediate area of ​​my gnomes. I had on several occasions tried this. In Halmstad, Tällberg in Dalarna, in Gothenburg. Perhaps it was so.

So I dared the leap and signed up for the big Formex Fair in Stockholm.

The year was 2000. And it was the beginning of the big boost. And the shop/shed became the center for the production of my own gnomes.

Now it was Åsas Tomtebod for real and I had found "my thing".

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