Annika Samuelsson

“I graduated from Beckman's school in 1980 and has since been working with designing clothing and other textile products. I have also worked as an illustrator and I see myself as both a cartoonist and a textile artist. Both sides of my artistic work enrich and nurture each other. I work to a large extent with screen printing on linen and cotton fabrics. Often it will be a little quirky and funny cats and dogs, mostly in black against strong and clear colours.

In 2003, the picture book "Snurran and the stinking perch" was published, which was my debut as a children's book illustrator. The main character in the book is the mischievous and cocky cat Snurran. Eva Bergström is the author of the books about Snurran and Benny Blixt. The book about the dog Brillo is my debut as an author. For the book "Snurran and the stinking perch" I received the Elsa Beskow plaque for best illustrations in 2003.

We have also got prices for several other books about “Snurran”.

The book jury consists of about 50,000 children and is organized in collaboration with the Library Service!”

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