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Portrait of Björn Thulin, Wood
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My goal is potentially damaging nature as little as possible while creating beautiful and useful everyday articles.

I, Björn Thulin, live in Landskrona and work as a teacher. Previously, I have been doing sheet metal work and welding. As long as I can remember I have wanted to create and use my creativity to find peace and to delight others. It has varied in different periods of my life, from charcoal drawing to painting, from wrought iron to glass blasting. Wood has always been a favourite material. It is something that I see now that I have walked the whole circle. It all began for me as a young kid in my grandfather's basement workshop; he was a fantastic wood carver and cabinetmaker, which affected me a lot.

As a turner, the feeling is fantastic once you "open" a block of wood and sees what is hidden inside it. That's when I decide what it could be and how the form should look like. To have a predetermined idea or thought is when it tends to go wrong.

All wood I use, I myself have sawn down and dried. It means that I have an eye on the entire handeling from "farm to table" so to speak. Each article has a history when it is locally produced. I know exactly where each bowl or hollow article has been growing. I'm always on the lookout for exciting fresh timber and there are fantastic resources in our neighbourhood, just to keep eyes and ears open.

When it comes to my finishes I almost always use linseed oil, either raw or cooked, which is a natural product and the one I have is also organic. Sometimes in the more exclusive articles I also use shellac and / or beeswax, which is also pure natural products. The goal is to use my own beeswax from our own bees as early as next summer.

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