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My name is Helena Ericsson and I love to embroider. I have worked as a librarian, but for a few years now, I work with embroidery and embroidery materials full time. I have an education in art sewing from Handarbetets Vänner in Stockholm. Since 2008 I run the embroidery blog which is about all kinds of embroidery. You can also look at my information on embroidery; Brodera.nu.

Embroidery can be a very stimulating hobby. It strengthens self-esteem to express your creatvie side. Many feel good to get involved with their hands and maybe it will be something that can be admired for a long time to come.

I design embroidery that fits well for those who have some experience in embroidery as well as for the beginner. With each batch of material follows a thorough and readable description.

It can be fun to give away an embroidery as a gift to someone who likes to get involved and therefore all my embroidery comes in a nice gift box.

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