Inger Fuchs


I grew up in Skåne with a bird crazy father and an earthy mother. Maybe one could see this background in my work? Sturdy fellows with imaginative expression. I have, in any case been crazy about birds a long time, ever since my first pottery courses for more than 25 years ago.

Since childhood I have been interested in art and creation.
I have studied art history, gone through basic training in textile arts and devoted myself to many evening courses in various creative expressions. Since 10 years I work almost exclusively with pottery in my spare time.

I'm fascinated by animals in various shapes and especially birds, from the beak to the wing end, lengthwise and crosswise.

Because I am from Scania my work have Scanian or sometimes just playful names like Pjodd, Kråga, KiseMise, Angel, Dogge and the occasional big-footed bluff starling. I also roll and build houses and jars of clay.

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