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The company Jordnära was started 1983 by Kerstin Bendelin. It has always been a quality label with garments in different natural materials. All models are created and designed by the owner Kerstin Bendelin. The collection consists of garments in both linen and cotton. The sizes are loose and made of colorful cotton tricot with different designs and stripes.
The vision of Jordnära is to create sustainable clothing. We work along the principle of “Slow Fashion”, which means making sure that our clothes are long lasting both in design and quality. Our ambition is that you should be able to enjoy your Jordnära garment for many years to come.

We use eco-friendly materials that are convenient to wear, in clothes with comfortable cuts and slick fit. We always use organic cotton, and otherwise try to use natural materials with as small ecological footprint as possible. Our fabrics and clothes are produces in Gotland, Sweden and in our closest neighboring countries. Our striped fabrics are knitted and the printed fabrics are printed in the western parts of Sweden.

As locally as they could possibly be!

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