Jytte Olsson

Graphic design

Jytte Olsson has always been interested in patterns and fascinated by among others William Morris, with his details and beautiful designs from nature. When she saw a French 1500's tapestry with giant thistles at the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen Jytte was completely charmed. It was wild and very beautiful. She photographed lots of thistles and enlarged them and experimented to get the pattern “Stixig”. From thistles it is not far to artichokes, a plant that also fascinates Jytte. She took pictures of artichokes in “Slottsträdgården” in Malmö and magnified them, without making them pixelated, so that the exciting details clearly emerged: striped, strong stems and beautiful petals. She worked with three artichokes built together into the pattern “Kronärtskocksdjungel”.

For more than 20 years, Jytte Olsson has worked with graphic design digitally, because of that she also wanted to try to print her designs digitally in small series on fabric. Cutting boards are produced by craft terms at “Formpress” on the island of Öland, which also makes the trays - a product that also turned out to be perfect for Jytte’s patterns. The trays are made in three different sizes, two of them are quite large and can also be used as tables, a tray placed on a collapsible frame in powder-coated steel.

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