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Lars-Otto Lindskog was born in Borås in 1942, he has had his home and workshop in Hjortshög outside of Helsingborg for many years. In 1962 he made his apprentice's examination work in blacksmithing after 4 years at Stenebyskolan in Dalsland. He works with hot forging after old craft techniques.

"I heat the iron in a coal forge to about 1000 degrees Celsius, and utilize the material's plastic properties by processing it with different hammers on an anvil. Essentially I make everyday items such as hooks, handles, candlesticks, chandeliers, tools for the fireplace, etc. The hot iron gives me the opportunity to shape everything from earrings to large sculptures. "

Lars-Otto has had many artistic blacksmithing missions for public spaces for example baptism trees, light bearer and candle holders and funeral monuments to churches, fire baskets to out-door service restaurants and various kinds of ornaments and sculptures to museums, schools and nursing homes. Examples of clients include, for example, Kulturen in Lund and Fredriksdal gardens and Sofiero in Helsingborg.

Furthermore, Lars-Otto Lindskog collaborated with Kulturen and made a Portal to the exhibition Book Culture. In Kunskapenshus, he has made a branch that runs through the entire exhibition and symbolizes the tree of knowledge. Even the worldview at the end of the exhibition, all done in copper.

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