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5 questions: Lotta Olsson, trees maker and graphic designer

Hello Lotta, you do so very nice graphical tree.How do you?
The trees are made from plants that I collected, compressed and digitized. I usually say that I have a digital herbarium. But I gather more forms than the species. I am particularly attracted by what is a little damaged, like a leaf a worm eaten at. Then the leaf has a story in itself, I like that. Nature is so powerful, there are so many different forms and infinitely to catch.

Which plant has the coolest form?
A favorite is camelfoot tree. It has very beautiful flowers and the leaves are fantastic. They are shaped like camel feet, or a butterfly. At night leaf fold together, like a butterfly, and when the sun is back they folds up again. I have a camelfoot tree at home as a houseplant, and it is so very fascinating.

How did you get the idea for your trees?
I grew up in a family very interested in wildlife, my father was a forest ranger and my sister is a landscape architect. While I have collected and pressed plants for many years, I have been interested in graphic design and illustration. So you could say I put two and two together.

Tell us about your first tree!
It was “Multiväxt” which I did in 2009. During that year, I lived well with my parents in Skåne, and I was out traveling in India. “Multiväxt” became like a diary that helped me to remember all the places I visited at the time.

What has been your best experience of nature?
Last summer, I was in Malaysia and dived in the reef. It was a completely different world. Suddenly I came across a turtle and got to swim with him. I went with him to the surface when he would breathe and I had to watch as he grazed on a stone, he took no notice of me, but trudged on. I will never forget this moment.

2001-2002 Image & Form, Öland Folkhögskola
2003-2004 Industrial, IKDC, Lund University
2004-2005 Arts & Form, Gotland Folkuniversitet
2005-2008 Graphic Design, Bachelor, HDK, University of Gothenburg
2010-2012 Graphic Design & Illustration, MFA, Master's degree, Konstfack

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