Nina Norre

Watercolour cards

Portrait of Nina Norre, Watercolour cards
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Nina Norre is a textile designer, MA and draws and designs all Norreform's greeting cards, invitations, thank you cards and feast cards.

The motifs are inspired by Swedish nature, fauna, sea, small town and big city as well as traditional Swedish celebrations such as weddings, baptisms, graduation, Christmas and Midsummer. Even our wonderful Swedish seasons has inspired Nina to many subjects.

The paper cards are double folded so-called surprise cards with punchings which conveys a depth and a surprise effect in the motives.

Nina also does the so-called plextiler and this is what she says of them: "My ambition has been to create illuminated textiles. The textile is either moulded into the Plexiglas or painted on Plexiglas and lit from behind. Plexiglas has become a tool for the light to spread through the fabric."

The fabrics are hand printed in different techniques. Some patterns are drawn in the computer, others created at the press table. Some works are wall lights other windows jewellery where the natural light enhances the colours.

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