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It is with pride that we manages and develops one of Sweden's cultural heritage. Växbo Lin started in 1990, at the same place where linen has been produced for centuries. A crazy project, at the center of the Swedish countryside build a new factory just as most of the Swedish industry began to move to countries with cheaper labor. For us it is important that the Swedish industry survives so that jobs and knowledge preservs. We weave and sew our linen products at our factory in Hälsingland. Our goal is to weave together old traditions of craftsmanship with modern design.

We are convinced that we need to consume less, but better things. Our contribution is the utility of linen, a natural material that will last for generations. Our vision is that Växbo Lin will develop, produce and market modern linen products with the intent to arouse desire and create added value for customers and employees and to pass on a unique tradition of craftsmanship. We work from the three key words that permeate all our activities.

Växbo Lin is: - Solid - Personal - Innovative

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Karla konsthantverk

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